I sing as if you don’t own
your beauty alone
and it has made me holier
that your flesh burns brighter
with the motion of my age
for many

In my exile I’ve come to love you
with your distance
like the Hebrews loved the Star, the fire in the bush

We have come a long way from perfection
and before I forget how your muscles took curious shapes
I have more to be abandoned by

Carl Sagan on population growth rate, breeding, women equality.

Now all over the world - the east, the west, Buddhist, Catholic, former communist, capitalist countries - when the income rises above a certain, even pitifully minimum level, the population growth rate takes a steep dive and that’s because now there’s enough to take care of you in the old age. The only exception to this rule is the countries where the status of women is so low that they are effectively slaves and have nothing to say about how many children they should have.

- Carl Sagan

+ Enemies we love

For the European punishment
under your black garter
I starve in the lyric
For the metallic wisdom of the traditional weapon
that your inner thighs grip
a Spaniard poisons his gut with light

amid the warfare discipline
I perform a district level worship
in the heart of dust’s machinery

everyone has a way of conquering the enemy they love

you conquered me
(I an invalid)
amid your
glamour brethren

I conquer thee

in a swift naked fight of the white page

I walk to the ocean

I walk to the ocean from my room
Last night it was only the distant sounds of party music and waves
I am an unusual stranger here
I don’t care about the crowd
Or maybe I am the most ordinary stranger here
so much that the crowd doesn’t care if I am here
I write a letter from the beach
Lovers dance
Escorts dance with men without lovers
Friends do a line or two
I wrote a letter to you love
you passed it by calling it a poem

a piece of disgust, hate, deathwish. Hoping you might hate it as well……

I’ve been meaning to get a hair cut
a cheap and quick one
I’ve no money for the luxuries anymore
I’m a leech, a parasite now
I’ve been wanting to lose weight
my white belly hangs from the seams of my underpants
been wanting to repair this rotting flesh
no pleasure no joy in this body
filth fat blood semen sweat rush day in day out
its hot outside
summer’s here
room cluttered garbage lying in the corner
no woman no future no guarantee of joy
voice is the new penis and singing the new orgasm
I come all over the sunlight, the air, the depression, the pleasures, the enlightenment, the knee
stroking my guitar
it’s a beautiful feeling to have conquered the invisible wicked emperors in their battlefields
no one to remember the victories
no one to kiss the braves
a strange brotherhood binds us all over the ages
us the faceless, historyless solitary warriors
the eternal perverts who do not mistake themselves for prophets